Wine-Nexus at Vinum Alba 2023: Bridging the Gap Between Tradition and Innovation in Food and Wine

May 5, 2023

Wine Meets Technological Innovation: Surprising and Fascinating Synergies


On April 22, Vinum Alba 2023 opened its doors to wine enthusiasts and gastronomic experts, showcasing a perfect fusion of tradition and innovation. As a representative of Wine-Nexus, a pioneering organization in the field of wine technology, I had the privilege of experiencing the best that this event had to offer as a guest of the organization on Sunday, April 23.


Vinum Alba stood out for its extraordinary organization and the influx of visitors captivated by the enchanting environment of the city of Alba. One of the most engaging experiences was the master class on Barbera, led by Sommelier Ais Luca Giordana, who offered an educational journey through four varieties of Barbera paired with a delicious risotto by Chef Fulvio Siccardi.


In my role as a representative of IWCB (Italian Wine Crypto Bank), the world’s first wine bank based on blockchain, I had the opportunity to present our services and initiatives to the wineries present at the event. The interest generated by our BG3.0 project and the dynamics of the Italian Wine Crypto Bank was significant.


The evening and my personal experience concluded with an exclusive dinner at Castello Di Rodi, impeccably organized by the International White Truffle Fair of Alba. The young and talented Michelin-starred chef Michele Mintillo presented an extraordinary menu, while the guests had a selection of over 200 wines from the region at their disposal. The professionalism of the service, led by sommelier Bruno, made the experience unforgettable.


During the dinner, I had the honor of discussing possible collaborations between Wine-Nexus and the International White Truffle Fair of Alba with Stefano Mosca, director of the organization, and Liliana Allena, President of the organization. Among the ideas that emerged were the use of NFT technology for truffle-related events and truffle auctions in the metaverse.


The BG3.0 project, in particular, attracted the attention of guests, thanks to its proposal for a wine bar with a presence in both the real world and the metaverse. Set to open in Bergamo in early June, BG3.0 will involve a group of selected wineries for both the physical location and its virtual counterpart in the metaverse. In addition, the project includes the introduction of GPT Sommelier, an AI-based assistant to suggest personalized food and wine pairings.


In conclusion, Vinum Alba 2023 offered the opportunity to explore the potential of a future collaboration between the International White Truffle Fair of Alba and Wine-Nexus. Although there is not yet an official partnership between the two entities, the prospect of joining forces to combine enogastronomic tradition and technological innovation promises to open new paths and bring the Italian wine industry to new levels of excellence. We will be eager to see how these relationships evolve and what surprising innovations emerge from this potential synergy.