IWB utility tokens are digital assets issued by IWCB. They are not like the others. Indeed, as all utility tokens, they entitle holders to receive many future, remunerative benefits.

However, IWB tokens are redeemable at ANY TIME with the wine that IWCB HAS ALREADY in its stock. Yes, not staking period.

 “BELIEVERS” purchase IWB tokens to support the further development of IWCB and NOT its start up

IWB tokens unique benefits

  • Gain periodical extra IWB tokens free of charge for any additional stock of wine generated by IWCB with sales.
  • Benefit from the increase of the wine stock value backing the IWB tokens. IWB value is periodically adjusted to the value of the underlined asset, due the ageing of the wine.

  • Trade IWB on the secondary market (from July 2022)
  • Spend your IWB tokens at any time to purchase the fine wines of the IWCB Cellar. Very advantageous conditions available if you purchase special IWB token packages.


A very unique package to purchase IWB tokens (limited offer)


With IWB tokens Believers gain a series of benefits and an easier access to IWCB wine stock

As a decentralized cryptocurrency and a medium of exchange, IWB token aims at creating added value to its users and provides benefits and rewards for specific access and services to the IWCB ecosystem.

Believers can redeem at any stage their IWB tokens for units of the market value of the IWCB stored wine.

IWCB is committed to preserve and increase the market value of its wine stock, it’s therefore compelled to reintegrate any amount of wine sold with the same amount (market value) and exclusively with wines that have been selected by the IWCB proprietary algorithm.

IWCB stored wine and its general value is audited regularly and displayed live on its website.

IWCB is committed to reinvesting the 50% of any better price fetched for the sales of its wine stock in new purchases of wine. Reconciliations of sales results will be done on a 4 – month basis and authorized by auditors.

For any additional stock generated with the above purchases, IWCB will issue new IWB tokens for the same amount, which will be assigned free of charge to IWB token holders, in proportion to their held tokens.

The aging of the fine and rare wine in the IWCB stock and its related increase of value will extend further the utility of the IWB token and the benefits for its holders. So, as an example, if the IWCB wine stock value increases due to the aging of the wine, the IWB token will guarantee its holders a higher value (in IWCB wine stock unit) at the moment of its redemption.

IWB token holders who decide to redeem their tokens in wine will access the IWCB Account Holders’ section and its services section included the wine custody free for 1 year. Their Account Holder annual fees will be waived and no minimum spending will apply to the. They will proceed to any purchase from the IWCB portfolio with the number of tokens they want to redeem, whose value will be displayed on the IWCB website.

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