Aug 5, 2021

The first NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) in history linked to a unique food and beverage experience will be issued for an exclusive dining experience in Dubai.
The dinner will combine great Master Guest Chefs, rare wines, luxury ingredients and unprecedented digital art and will be held at the Bella Restaurant & Lounge on November 8, 2021, in the occasion of the 12th Italian Cuisine and Wines World Summit. The tokens will be issued by the Italian Wine Crypto Bank, the first wine bank of its kind that combines rare wines, block chains and cryptocurrencies.
“The NFTs are a fast-growing phenomenon in the world of the digital assets and represent a new frontier for collectors of art, but they are starting to spread in other fields as well”, says Rosario Scarpato, the Founder and Director of the Italian Cuisine and Wines World Summit. “The exceptional dining experience we have designed for the occasion is something that goes beyond the great food and the drinks, it is a piece of art in itself, and that’s why it is made eternal with an NFT”, adds Alessandro Miceli, Executive Chef of Bella and one of the Founders of the Italian Cuisine World Summit in Dubai.
Once again Bella confirms to be the Dubai’s disruptive Italian dining destination. “It’s not by chance that the first NFT dinner in history happens in Dubai, a city that is at the forefront of the worldwide digital asset revolution”, says Davide Casalin, manager of the relationship with the Italian Wineries for the Hong Kong based Italian Wine Crypto Bank, which has its technological heart in Dubai.
“Rare and aged wines will play an important role in this experience and there will be winemakers from Italy to introduce them, although a limited section of the room will be reserved for non- alcoholic drinkers”, says Stefano Bassanese, General Manager of Bella.
Only 30 diners will be part of the Dubai’s Bella NFT Italian Experience, which will be served with custom made glasses and crockery
The artistic menu of the Bella NFT dinner, including the labels of its extraordinary beverages, signed by guest chefs and winemakers, will be transformed in a collectable digital masterpiece, part of the NFT, which may increase its value with time. The physical, signed menu will be destroyed in presence of the participants to the dinner, with a flambé made by rare Italian aged brandy, so its value will be transferred into the NFTs. The destruction of the original physical pieces of art, as part of the NFT creation, has been applied to the work of important artists such as Banksy (Burnt Banksy).
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