Jul 20, 2021

During a warm July morning, I leave the center of Florence heading towards Suvereto. The railway runs along the coast, gifting me with some wonderful views: on my left, gentle, golden hills colored by the wheat fields, while on the right, sheer rocks overlooking the blue sea.

Upon my arrival at Tua Rita, Giovanni Frascolla, the grandson of Virgilio and Rita who founded the winery in 1984, greets me.


At the entrance of the winery, a huge pink limestone rock announces the quality and the unique feature of this precious soil: we are in the heart of the Metalliferous Hills.


This is the kingdom of Merlot and Syrah: a particularly suitable strip of land, where the favorable microclimate and the soil rich in iron, pyrite and minerals make the wines sapid, deep in color and complex on the mouth; amazing high-quality wines from Tuscany, able to age and express all their potential over the years.

The Queen. The Syrah of Per Sempre, elegant and persuasive.

The King, Redigaffi’s Merlot, powerful and deep in color.

Respect for the vineyard, reducing the treatments as possible, grapes harvested by hand under the thoughtful eye of the grandmother Rita, a selection process for each and every grape combined with the use of cutting-edge winemaking techniques give life to extremely longeval wines.

Giovanni’s enthusiasm and deep knowledge of sustainable farming practices demonstrate how the intertwining of three different generations has made this winery a perfect synthesis between a proud past and a dynamic and innovative future.

It is not a coincidence that in these days Tua Rita joined the Italian Wine Crypto Bank, the first project of its kind in the world that brings in contact for the first time the world of wine with that of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.



Anna Paclet