Dec 19, 2022

The indestructible crypto tags created by the Crypto World Wine Bank (CWWB) are finally available. They are the most convenient, effective and up-to-date solution available on the market for wineries. They are offered by the Italian Wine Crypto Bank italianwinecryptobank.com that today published a price list with the minimum costs. The crypto tags are part of a platform that implements blockchain technology, NFC tags, AES-128 encryption and offers data analysis with the possibility of tracing down lots and sub-units (from the pallet to the cash register up to the single bottle).

The service is tailor-made since each winery has its own specific needs and costs may vary accordingly but the basic minimum structure is as follows:

– Registration (USD 500)

– CWWB cryptographic tags, including creation of articles in the database (max cost USD 0.90 each, price may vary based on the number of tags ordered)

– Basic landing page setup in CWWB template (USD 500 per label or per winery)

– Tag management (from USD 100 annually for every 500,000 tags).

For more information

Davide Casalin, [email protected] , +39 3397182741