Sep 20, 2022

The wines of Florio, Pieropan, Tenuta L’Impostino and Mazzolino inaugurate a series of unprecedented NFTs (non-fungible tokens) signed by Filippo Bartolotta, the internationally renowned sommelier and expert wine educator, and the director Lisa Paclet for the Italian Wine Crypto Bank.  The first one “LupoNero2016” NFT, recently launched by Tenuta L’Impostino for the limited edition of its Montecucco DOCG, is already on sale and celebrates the winery’s 20 years.

These latest generation NFTs are part of the CATCH THE 22 collection by the Italian Wine Crypto Bank and are built on three solid pillars: Community, Culture and Utility. “These NFTs aim at inventing a new language to narrate wine, and on the other hand, they contain the key to redeem wines of exceptional quality and rarity, capable of conveying messages that go well beyond their organoleptic characteristics”, explains Bartolotta.

Paris-based director Lisa Paclet narrates the wines with a revolutionary language created with an innovative synaesthetic approach. “Through a series of hand-painted watercolours, immortalized in the digital artwork of the NFT, I tried to develop a visual alphabet that aims at visualizing Bartolotta’s voice and capturing the essence of wine through stroboscopy and combination of colours” , Lisa points out.

The artist’s vision is central, but the expert’s narration is of equal importance and is recorded and usable within the NFT utilities. “These utilities create a unique precedent because they highlight how these digital collectibles are also an exceptional tool for describing wine in general”, points out Davide Casalin, general manager of the Italian Wine Crypto Bank and head of its NFT program.

In addition to containing the “key” that entitles the NFT holder to redeem bottles of very special wines selected by Bartolotta, the utilities include benefits that will last over time, including exclusive remote tastings with wine samples shipped around the world , personalized access to Bartolotta’s advice in live video sessions, even one-to-one, and purchase options on future wine vintages.