These are ground-breaking NFTs of the latest generation. Built on community, culture and utility, they redeem wines of exceptional quality and rarity selected by Filippo Bartolotta also for their ability to convey messages that go well beyond the organoleptic characteristics. They are narrated with a revolutionary new language created in collaboration with Lisa Paclet



For the CATCH THE 22 Collection by the Italian Wine Crypto Bank, internationally acclaimed wine expert and educator Filippo Bartolotta selects extraordinary wines for a series of exceptional NFTs with the aim of contributing to invent a new language to narrate the wine. This revolutionary quest starts from the artistic visual perspective: Bartolotta teams with the Paris based director Lisa Paclet who signs the digital artworks of the NFTs created by a synesthesiac approach.

Either the NFT is linked to a single wine from one winery or to the collective expressions of a new vintage for a wine, however, the language of the artist is only the starting point: Bartolotta starts the narration from the choice of the wine, the wineries or the vintages, all selected on the basis of the great quality and rarity of the products as well as for their ability to carry messages that go well beyond the organoleptic and gustatory experience.

The FILIPPO BARTOLOTTA ✕ THE CATCH THE 22 series also introduce tailor-made NFTs of a new generation, where the vision of the artist is still central, but the narration of the expert has similar importance and is recorded and usable as part of the utilities of the NFT.

The utilities of these NFTs will create a unique antecedent because highlight how these digital collectables are an exceptional tool to narrate the wine in general.
Besides containing the key that entitles its holder to claim bottles of very special wines selected by Bartolotta, the utilities will list benefits that will last in the time, including exclusive distance – tastings with samples of wines shipped everywhere in the world, personalised access to Bartolotta in one-to-one live video sessions and purchase options on the future vintages of the wine.

Wineries' benefits (marketing and activations)

  • The project of the NFT series “Filippo Bartolotta ✕ The Catch 22” is an extra-ordinary marketing opportunity for selected wineries. Wineries can join only by exclusive invitation.
  • Participating wineries have the privilege of supporting one of the most interesting cultural projects for the contemporary wine world: the “invention” of new languages to narrate the wine in the Web3.0 era.
  • By doing so they promote unprecedented artistic expressions strictly related to the wine world.
  • The support to such a revolutionary project becomes a solid, global competitive advantage in terms of marketing, reserved to a tiny number of wineries and their rare and quality wines selected by Filippo Bartolotta
  • The project is extremely innovative because is conveyed throughout a series of NFTs, not just to follow trends but for setting them. This series is built on three pillars: Community, Culture and Utilities, the only aspects that according to the experts give value to NFT collections.
  • Wineries can benefit enormously by the fact that these NFTs fulfill the desire of people looking for greater functionality. The future holders of these NFTs are guaranteed to be part of an amazing community, will get premium access to exclusive drops, starting with the rare wine they can redeem but also a range of utilities linked to Filippo Bartolotta’s presence from which wineries can choose. They may include but are not limited to
    • exclusive distance – tastings with samples of wines shipped everywhere in the world
    • personalised access to Bartolotta in one-to-one live video sessions and
    • purchase options on the future vintages of the wine.

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Filippo Bartolotta


The “Sommelier of the Stars”, indeed during his extensive career Filippo Bartolotta also earned this title, because he guided celebrities to the understanding of great Italian wines, including the Obamas (at a memorable dinner by Massimo Bottura), Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. However, as one of the most talented Italian fine wines “evangelists”, Filippo is known for the enthusiasm and the competence he pours when he introduces people to that word, no matter who they are. Sommelier, wine judge, teacher, writer: Filippo has worked for Decanter, Espresso Italian Wine Guide, Gazzetta Gastronomica, as well as University of Siena, N.Y.U., the Politecnico of Milan, the Bocconi University of Milan, the Alma Graduate School University of Bologna. He has been involved in events at the Metropolitan Museum of New York, the National Gallery and Tate Modern in London, the Assemblée National in Paris, and in the White House.
Filippo continues to cultivate his knowledge by tasting several thousand wines each year and accepting invitations to visit winemakers in their cellars for site visits and to evaluate the current and historic vintages. For this reason and for his unique methods and tasting style, the Italian Wine Crypto Bank proposed him to direct a series of NFTs linked to extraordinary wines – authentic stars of the Italian oenology – with unique utilities for their holders. Once again, although for a different reason, with these NFTs Filippo deserves his title of Sommelier of the Stars.

Lisa Paclet


Lisa Paclet, the author of the NFTs digital artworks, is a director based in Paris, she conceives and directs commercials, music videos, fashion films, and video installations using a wide range of techniques: from live action, 2D / 3D animation, and video mapping. Since studying advertising at the Instituto d’Arte di Firenze (Italy), filmmaking and animation at Minneapolis College of Art and Design (USA) and Les Gobelins l’Ecole de l’image in Paris she has collaborated frequently with brands, musicians and cultural institutions including: Chanel, Dior, Armani, Sony, Cartier, Kenzo, Vogue, L’Oréal, Lancôme, Fifa, EMI Records, Suntory, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Estée Lauder, Clarins, Tory Burch, Animal63, Tiger Sushi Records, Nowness, Jimmy Choo and Hérmes.
In the “Filippo Barolotta ✕ The Catch 22” NFT series she recurs to a synesthesiac approach to narrate wine. Through a series of hand painted watercolours she develops a visual alphabet that aims to visualise Bartolotta’s voice and capture the wine’s essence though stroboscopy and color combination.

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WHAT is an NFT?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are digital certificates that authenticate ownership of digital artwork and/or experiences and/ or assets representing a real-life product. They represent a one-of-a-kind item whose ownership is recorded on a blockchain. As such thy can’t be traded for a product of equal value. They are applied in different industries, including music, art, food, and even watches.