Apr 13, 2022

The next NFT of the extraordinary series dedicated to the great Tuscan wines  by the Italian Wine Crypto Bank will be REDIGAFFI7 and is a tribute to the exclusive Toscana Rosso IGT “Redigaffi” 2018, by Tua Rita (Suvereto) produced only in exceptional vintages, to guarantee great elegance and complexity.

The artwork of the NFT, which is part of the Catch22 collection (in which the following NFTs have already been presented: CASTELLODIBROLIO15, SIEPI18, CABERLOT18, MARIANOVABOLGHERI18, VIGNA DEL SUOLO16) is represented by the digitization of the exceptional fresco that the Livorno painter Raffaele De Rosa created in the cellar of Tua Rita (De Rosa has also signed the labels of their wines).

Minted in only 22 copies, in collaboration with Crypto DineWineArt, the NFT REDIGAFFI7 will go on sale next May and will contain a key to redeem a Magnum of the legendary wine.

Fruit of the original Merlot vineyard, planted in 1988, this is the exclusive Toscana Rosso IGT “Redigaffi” 2018, represents the origin of the Tua Rita company and the perfect expression of the combination of soil, climate and grape variety and true aspiration to perfection. outside the cellars of Suvereto.

Each Magnum connected to the NFT will have a unique NFC authentication tag which, once scanned, leads the user to the transaction record for the purchase of the corresponding NFT, creating an immutable proof of authenticity that will live on forever on the blockchain.


For more information:

Davide Casalin, Email: [email protected]