Dec 20, 2021

22 exceptional wines from 22 partner wineries, 22 NFTs for each wine all to be created in 2022. In collaboration with Crypto DineWineArt the Italian Wine Crypto Bank has announced the name of the “collection”, which has already started with the NFT linked to SerradeiTurchi17 by Gianni Gagliardo and will continue with Tua Rita, Il Carnasciale and Tenuta Sette Ponti. The name is “Catch 22” and has nothing or little to see with the famous Joseph Heller novel. It’s instead an irresistible invitation to NFT and wine collectors /lovers worldwide to take advantage of a unique opportunity.

Each NFT of the Catch 22 collection will celebrate a great wine and is a piece of digital art that contains a key to redeem a bottle of the wine that is “celebrating”, together with info, other offers and future benefits. WineArt NFTs however have a life also after the wine linked to it has been drunk.

NFTs are a booming phenomenon in these days but very few are poised to have a long life and are backed by assets that have the lifespan of a fine wine (15-20 years). The wines of the Catch 22 Collection are part of the portfolio of the Italian Wine Crypto Bank and are selected by a proprietary algorithm also to fulfill the longevity required by investment-grade wines. All the wines redeemable with the Catch 22 collection come with a unique authentication NFC (Near Field Communication) Tag that, when scanned, brings the user to the logistic record of the bottle, immutable proof of authenticity that will forever live on the blockchain.  The NFC tag is realized by FREE TO BE #AUTHENTIC OREV the most advanced anti-counterfeiting system currently available on the market.

While the first NFT of the Catch 22 Collection linked to SerradeiTurchi17 by Gianni Gagliardo is available from next Wednesday at the following link  , another 9 of the 22 planned for 2022 will be created and sold starting in January 2022. To receive a notification, when the NFT sale will start subscribe at the following link: https://cryptodinewineart.com/serradeiturchi17/