Nov 30, 2021

Good news for the holders of IWB, the tokens issued by the Italian Wine Crypto Bank (IWCB), the only wine bank based on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and digital assets. The IWB tokens, the first in history fully backed and guaranteed by investment-grade wines stocked by IWCB, could be used also to purchase valuable products and services. As it has been announced today, IWB tokens could be used to purchase NFTs of the collection “Crypto Dinewineart”, which started with Ciao Bella! (https://cryptodinewineart.com/) the first NFT of its kind created in Dubai at Bella Restaurant & Lounge, at the beginning of November, during the 12th Italian Cuisine and Wines World Summit (https://dubai21.italiancuisinesummit.org/). Ciao Bella! was sold (at 0,4ETH on https://www.bam.fan/) in 30 copies during a one-of-a-kind dinner with famous Michelin Starred Chefs and prestigious wineries. The “Crypto Dinewineart” NFT collection, at least 12 “pieces” in 2022, will revolve around the investment-grade fine wines of the wineries partnering the Italian Wine Crypto Bank but will host celebrated chefs from all around the world, both in Dubai and in some other great cities in all the continents.

Although the main NFTs will be linked to real unique “experiences”, starting from February 2022, the collection will sell NFT allowing its holder to be part of the same experiences in the metaverse.


For more info on how to be invited to become IWCB Partners, free of charge and without risk, can contact:

Anna Paclet, Email: [email protected], WhatsApp: +39 3284004123

Davide Casalin, Email: [email protected], WhatsApp: +39 339 718 2741