Oct 8, 2021

As its first ground-breaking step to transform the relationship between fine wines, Italian in primis, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies, the Italian Wine Crypto Bank (IWCB) has just released its utility token. IWB is a utility token, that is, an innovative, new generation cryptocurrency created on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s fully backed by investment-grade Italian wine and vouches for a certain and significant value that rises with time https://italianwinecryptobank.io/.

The first issuance of “IWB” tokens, within an Initial Exchange Offer staged on Latoken Exchange link (https://latoken.com/ieo/IWB) started on the last 21st of September, at end of an already completed phases of the IWCB project, with a solid group of Partner Wineries already formed https://italianwinecryptobank.io/category/winery/.

IWB tokens are offered to initial Believers, either wine lovers or crypto enthusiasts, who are willing to support the development of the Italian Wine Crypto Bank in exchange of rewarding, significant benefits and returns.

In contrast with any other tokens, for example, the IWB ones are backed 100% by the fine wine stock of the Italian Wine Crypto Bank. So, any capital invested by the Believers in the IEO, is fully guaranteed. In addition, Believers can count on combined annual net rewards of an average 20%+ (increase value wine averages 9 % + 10% in additional reward tokens for IWCB better sales performances). Finally, IWB tokens are redeemable at any moment (after the end of the IEO) either in wine or through “cashXwine” scheme offered by the IWCB. The utility of the tokens is extended by the IWCB that guarantees IWB token holders a higher value in IWCB wine stock units if, at the moment of the token redemption, the stock value has increased due to the aging of the wine.

In addition, at the end of the IEO, Believers are free to trade their IWB tokens on the secondary market, where they are enlisted with premiere Exchanges including Latoken, and can reap the benefit of potential significant increases in value, although the IWCB will leave any further increase in IWB tokens value to the efforts of others.

Tokens can be purchased on IEO Latoken (https://latoken.com/ieo/IWB). However, Italian Wine Trends subscribers and readers can purchase IWB tokens at special conditions (a gift of 50 tokens) and with a bonus (5% for purchases above USD 500) by clicking this link (https://italianwinecryptobank.io/product/iwb-italian-wine-bank-token/) and using the code: otc25iwt.


For more information Roberto: [email protected]