May 20, 2021

The first NFT, Non-Fungible Tokens, linked to the Italian fine wines will be available soon. The announcement has been given today by the Italian Wine Crypto Bank that will issue them establishing an historical record. NFT are a quickly growing trend in the cryptocurrency world and are an exciting new realm for fine arts collectors and now also for those who collect and invest in wine. The Italian Wine Crypto Bank is the first and only wine bank built on blockchain and cryptocurrencies and its NFT model is original and very solid. Collectors, investors and wine lovers as well, could buy NFT from the IWCB, each one of them will give the ownership of a special bottle of wine coming from the best production of its Partner Wineries. Each bottle has the signature either by the winemaker or the owner of the winery, which makes it even more valuable, in addition a digital unique reproduction of the signed wine label is stored in IWCB blockchain.



In practical terms, the NFT holder can collect a bottle of a very fine wine or sell its unique token making a possible profit thanks to either the increase of the physiological wine value or the “artistic” uniqueness (and rareness) of the same token.  In the case in which the same NFT holder decides to drink the wine instead, she/he will still have the opportunity of collecting both the real empty bottle with the signed label and the digital signed label traced by the NFT. Among the first IWCB’s NFT there will be a selection of “Il Caberlot” magnums by Podere il Carnasciale, signed by  Bettina Rogosky, owner of the prestigious Tuscan winery together with her son Moritz and her niece Carla-Elle.

The NFT section is only a part of the Italian Wine Crypto Bank activities, which aims at introducing the fine Italian wines to the users of cryptocurrencies and digital asset around the world, which are currently approximately 200 million, but their number could jump to 1 billion in just two years. Of course, the IWCB targets also traditional collectors, investors and wine lovers. Its wines can be purchased only with selected cryptocurrencies.



The IWCB great wines (and consequently the wineries) are selected on the basis of its own original algorithm that combines more than 15 parameters. Among the wineries that have joined the IWCB lately there are: Arnaldo Caprai, Banfi, Baracchi, Castello di Querceto, Elena Fucci, Giuseppe Cortese, Il Carnasciale, Incontri, Macchie Santa Maria, Macondo, Castello di Perno, Mazzei, Planeta, Sordo, Tasca d’Almerita e Tenuta Impostino.


For more information:

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