Apr 16, 2021

The Italian Wine Crypto Bank (IWCB), the first and only Wine Bank based on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and digital assets, announced today the adhesion of Planeta as Cantina Partner, with two great wines: “Eruzione 1614” Carricante Sicilia DOC 2018 and Chardonnay Menfi DOC 2019.


The prestigious Sicilian company joins other important Italian wineries that have joined the IWCB in recent weeks, including Banfi, Baracchi, Elena Fucci, Gaja, Giuseppe Cortese, Macchie Santa Maria, Mazzei, Sordo and Tenuta Impostino.


Coming from a long way, full of surprises and success, starting in 1985, today the Planeta’s Chardonnay Sicilia Menfi Doc is an icon for the entire Sicily region. The vines of Ulmo and Maroccoli from which this wine comes are unique also in terms of terroir. The attentive and accurate fermentation together with the ageing in French oak, produce a wine with a character that has nothing to fear in the comparison with the best examples of this variety.

The fermentation at approximately 18 °C happens in barriques and is followed by the maturation with a bâtonnage made every 10 days.


In the glass the Chardonnay Sicilia Menfi 2019 shows a glittery golden colour, yet transparent, a clear evidence of the long ageing in barriques.  To the nose it presents a range of distinct aromas, balancing notes of both sweet spices and vanilla with those of ripe fruit, including lemon and pineapple, and white flowers. A delicate aroma of wet stone his in the backdrop of its aromatic profile, unleashing great elegance.

To the palate, the creaminess of this Chardonnay is perfectly balanced by a crispy acidity that enhances the fruity notes in the aftertaste. The final is complex and unveils hints of acacia honey and beeswax.


This wine has the potential of a long ageing, 8-10 years at the least, in which the nuances of fruit and flowers will integrate increasingly better with the hints of wood sweet spices, making it greatly elegant.



The Italian Wine Crypto Bank (IWCB) will promote and sell exclusively great Italian wines, from selected wineries such as the Sordo winery.


The mission of the Italian Wine Crypto Bank, the only Wine Bank of its kind, is to promote fine Italian wines around the world, as well as generate substantial returns for its stakeholders: partner wineries, international distributors, wine lovers throughout the world. world and investors who will choose to invest in Digital Assets, that is cryptographic tokens (utility tokens) issued by IWCB (IWCBT), fully supported by the fine wines of the IWCB reserve.

The IWCB wines (and consequently the wineries) are selected on the basis of an original algorithm, created by IWCB, which combines more than 15 parameters that guarantee the profile suitable for positioning.



Wineries interested in becoming an IWCB Partner, free of charge and without risk, can contact:


Davide Casalin, Email: [email protected], WhatsApp: +39 339 718 2741

Juehan Wu, Email: [email protected], WhatsApp +39 366 259 0393

Samuele Viola, Email: [email protected], WhatsApp +39 347 748 2305