Mar 18, 2021

The Italian Wine Crypto Bank, the first wine bank based on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and digital assets, has announced the most recent adhesions to the project. “We welcome wineries of the highest level and their wines: Sordo with the Barolo Monprivato DOCG 2016 and Macchie Santa Maria, with the Taurasi DOCG 2015”, says Davide Casalin in charge of relations with the cellars for the IWCB.

“We are really satisfied with the response of the wineries” – adds Rosario Scarpato, Founder and Director of the Italian Wine Crypto Bank, noting that “the membership campaign is still in progress but for the moment we are proud to have induced dozens of great wineries Italians to question themselves on current issues such as their relationship with digital assets, cryptocurrencies and potential new markets connected to them “.

The Italian Wine Crypto Bank (IWCB) will promote and sell exclusively great Italian wines from selected wineries such as Giuseppe Cortese.


The mission of the Italian Wine Crypto Bank, the only Wine Bank of its kind, is to promote fine Italian wines in the world, as well as generate substantial returns to its stakeholders: partner wineries, international distributors, wine lovers throughout the world and investors who will choose to invest in Digital Assets, that is cryptographic tokens (utility tokens) issued by IWCB (IWCBT), fully supported by the fine wines of the IWCB reserve.

The IWCB wines (and consequently the wineries) are selected on the basis of an original algorithm, created by IWCB, which combines more than 15 parameters that guarantee the profile suitable for positioning.


Wineries interested in becoming an IWCB Partner, free of charge and without risk, can contact: