Jun 17, 2022

The first ever baijiu bank in the world will be soon a reality. It will be an innovative initiative that will put together blockchain, Nfts, digital assets and one of the most sought-after collectible Chinese liqueurs all around the world: the Baijiu (also known as shaojiu), distilled from sorghum, rice and other grains. “Its name is Crypto Baijiu Bank”, say Vinicio Eminenti, a prominent wine and spirits distributor based in Guangzhou and in China for more than 25 years. He is a partner of the Hong Kong-based company The I Factor LTD that owns the trademark of the Crypto World Wine Bank and the Italian Wine Crypto Bank. “We are building this revolutionary concept on the expertise accumulated in these last years with our crypto wine banks” adds Mr Eminenti. The Crypto Baijiu Bank to start plans to mint NFTs linked to rare editions of the liqueur, which will create added value for collectors and lovers. On the other hand, it will give the chance to worldwide consumers to buy the rare baijiu with 20 cryptos (from its caveaus both in China and abroad) and getting extraordinary bonuses. “The baijiu stored in the bonded warehouse outside China will also back up a token that will be issued soon after the project will take off”, added Mr Eminenti. Finally, the Crypto Baijiu Bank will adopt the CWWB NFC tag blockchain technology to guarantee authenticity and traceability of the bottles in its storage.

For more information:
Davide Casalin, Email: [email protected]