Jun 17, 2022

The crypto market is having a terrible moment: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, Dogecoin all down, not to mention Celsius. But this is a very good moment for wine lovers to buy investment grade wines with cryptos . It sounds paradoxical but it’s what the Italian Wine Crypto Bank (IWCB) marketplace is offering. Buyers can leave the wine bought stored with the IWCB for a fixed term (3-6 or 12 months) and wait for the crypto they used to bounce backThey will be paid in fine wine up to the 50% of any increase it had the crypto they used during the fixed term storage (which is a bonded warehouse with the right temperature and humidity and properly insured in the name of the buyer).

But there is more the Italian Wine Crypto Bank has a special offer and is offering to wine lovers to get ready for what will be the future of wine. They will assist for free first-time buyers to open their digital wallet, where to deposit the future wine NFTs and any crypto they may have. For a very limited time buyers can purchase only a minimum of USD 350 of wine from the IWCB marketplace (instead of USD 3500) and pay with credit card or paypal. IWCB will buy for them the crypto chosen and they will still be entitled to all bonuses.

To take advantage of the offer go on  https://cellar.italianwinecryptobank.com/ choose wines for a value of at least USD 350, go to the check out, select your preferred fixed term deposit and select  “Pay with card (buy BTC – 350USD offer)”.