May 31, 2022

Do you want to be a pioneer and describe your winery in an innovative and engaging way? Would you like to have a personalized QR code that distinguishes you from others?

Now it’s possible!  With  Turichain by  TurismiAmo you can create fantastic digital labels, strengthening the storytelling of your products and your cellar, and helping to make known the territory in which the latter is located.

Your packaging thus becomes a showcase to tell the story of the product, the techniques used and the values of the company through words, pictures and videos.

Everything is automatically translated into 36 languages and certified by blockchain technology.

In addition, thanks to the Product Discovery function, you can be discovered by new potential consumers and customers: your product will appear as a suggestion on the product pages of other companies (not competitors) on the same territory that have equipped themselves with our QR Codes.  This will allow you to discover your winery in new local and foreign markets without any additional expense.

TuriChain also  collects very useful statistics on customers who scan your QR Codes, allowing you to better discover their characteristics and tastes. In fact, we will provide you with periodic reports in which you can see how many scans there have been, from which country customers come, how much they remain on the page and much more.

TuriChain can also be linked to your management system  to collect even more data and put them in context with the local or international markets of reference to create a real database that allows the company to plan the future by analyzing sales by country, category, gender, age and whatever other technological tools allow. The basic app thus becomes a project tool contextualized in the client’s model.

To find out more write to [email protected]