May 31, 2022

Gianluca Biscalchin and Andrea Gori sign the most contemporary of the celebrations for the typical dish of Florence and Tuscany. Promoted by the Italian Wine Crypto Bank that also minted the NFT for Heinz Beck in Dubai.
An exceptional premiere, the first NFT in history dedicated to a typical Italian dish, a treat for collectors and gourmets from all over the world, as well as an innovative blockchain business card for Florence, Tuscany and Italy. The NFT (non-fungible tokens) “FiorentinaSteak&TuscanWine22” is a digital artwork by Gianluca Biscalchin, the artist who creates microcosms of cities, ingredients, wines and cooks, enriched by suggestions written by the wine-writer Andrea Gori, Intravino’s former co-founder and collaborator.
This NFT however is above all also linked to a unique “experience”, for two people, of the authentic Florentine steak. For this reason, it contains a “key” that entitles its holder to have a “Fiorentina Steak and Tuscan Wine Experience” in renowned Tuscan restaurants including Cibrèo Firenze, Trattoria Da Burde, L’Ora d’Aria, Regina Bistecca, Trattoria Tullio A Montebeni.
“In each restaurant of the “FiorentinaSteak&TuscanWine22″ NFT will be served with a great Tuscan wine from one of the wineries associated with the Italian Wine Crypto Bank,” says the sommelier  who is coordinating the project on behalf of the IWCB. And to complete the experience, the NFT will also give the right to a copy of “La fiorentina. Hosts, butchers and wines of the real steak “by Aldo Fiordelli, Italian and English edition, considered the authentic bible of the matter.
The exclusive NFT coined by Italian Wine Crypto Bank in collaboration with Crypto WineDineArt will cost Euro 250 and will be on sale from 10 June to 10 August on: https://italianwinecryptobank.com/fiorentinasteaktuscanw…/  or directly through the restaurant chosen to make the authentic Fiorentina Steak Experience. August 10 is not chosen by a chance: it is the date of the feast of San Lorenzo, in which the tradition of Fiorentina was born over four centuries ago.

The Experience in the chosen restaurant is for two people (one steak only), can be redeemed no later than 10 June 2023, by booking at least three days in advance directly at the restaurant, subject to its availability, and is transferable to third parties.


For information:
Davide Casalin, Email: [email protected]