As an important part of its mission, the Crypto World Wine Bank, and its first division, Italian wine crypto bank, is to equip with anti-counterfeiting and traceability tools the wines in its cellar. For this reason, The blockchain based technologies developed by CWWB are not only applied to its wines but offered also to its associate partners, – wineries, merchants, collectors – that want to apply them to all their bottle production. Anticounterfeiting technology is at the same time a guarantee for the protection of the wineries’ brand value and for the customers. Brand value is a tangible assed of any winery.

The CWWB NFC crypto tag is a proper proof of authenticity and gives each bottle a unique identity and makes it traceable for its entire life cycle while making it impossible to be tampered. If someone opens the bottle, for example, the CWWB (or its partner winery) receives an immediate warning. The CWWB crypto tag allow final consumer to interact with the CWWB and vice versa. The consumer for example can receive information on the storage conditions of the wine and the movements of the bottles.