Italian Wine Crypto Bank NFT entire collection


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Buying this NFT the buyer will:

  1. Get immediately the six NFTs of the collection Italian Wine Crypto Bank NFT collection  and their utilities
  2. Receive a complimentary SERRADEITURCHI17 NFT (worth 0.7 Ethereum = USD 850+ ) of CATCH THE 22 Collection, which entitle you to redeem immediately a Magnum of Barolo Serra Dei Turchi 2017 by Poderi Gianni Gagliardo (valued at USD 750 by Wine Searcher)
  3. Redeem the wines immediately (shipping costs and taxes if applicable to be added) or leave them in the custody of the Italian Wine Crypto Bank and be entitled to the Crypto+Wine Bonus.
  4. The IWCB custody is in a bonded warehouse, the wine is insured in your name and in ideal conditions of lighting and temperature (free storage and insurance). Your purchase in this case will be pegged to the Bitcoin and at the end of a 6-month fixed term deposit you will be entitled to the 30% of any increase the cryptos had in fine wine that you can choose directly from the Italian Wine Crypto Bank (50% for 12 months)
  5. At the end of the custody period, you have also the option of selling the NFTs back to the Italian Wine Crypto Bank, renouncing to any other bonus. The IWCB will pay you immediately the price you paid for the NFTs less a fee of 15%.