Apr 8, 2021

Among the Partner Wineries that have recently joined the Italian Wine Crypto Bank (IWCB) is Allegrini with Amarone della Valpolicella Riserva “Fieramonte”. Fieramonte has characteristics of great longevity.


The “Fieramonte” of the Allegrini winery is an Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Riserva DOCG which had been for a long time the flagship of the winery. A wine of great elegance that well represents the Valpolicella area, from which it originates.


The wine is presented in the glass of a ruby red color, despite the long ageing in oak barrels, with delicate garnet hints.

On the nose, the wine expresses notes of red and black fruit jam, in particular cherries and plums, combined with hints of fresh aromatic herbs, such as sage and rosemary, and flint stone. The nose is not dominated by tertiary notes, as one might expect from an Amarone Riserva, on the contrary the tertiary notes are mainly denoted by hints of sweet and dark spices, such as star anise and cloves.

The mouthfeel is soft, characterized by a velvety texture and well balanced by an acidity that revives the aftertaste, intensifying the fruity aromas. The tannins are present, but soft and perfectly integrated.


“Fieramonte” is a wine that has characteristics much more similar to a young Amarone, rather than to a Riserva type, and this confirms its ageing potential which exceeds 20 years.

Despite already having an excellent balance between softness and acidity, a period of ageing will allow the wine to develop interesting tertiary aromas of dark spices, such as juniper and cloves, dry leaves and balsamic notes, such as eucalyptus and essential oil.


The Italian Wine Crypto Bank (IWCB) will promote and sell exclusively great Italian wines, from selected wineries such as Allegrini winery.




The mission of the Italian Wine Crypto Bank, the only Wine Bank of its kind, is to promote fine Italian wines around the world, as well as generate substantial returns for its stakeholders: partner wineries, international distributors, wine lovers throughout the world. world and investors who will choose to invest in Digital Assets, that is cryptographic tokens (utility tokens) issued by IWCB (IWCBT), fully supported by the fine wines of the IWCB reserve.


The IWCB wines (and consequently the wineries) are selected on the basis of an original algorithm, created by IWCB, which combines more than 15 parameters that guarantee the profile suitable for positioning.




Wineries interested in becoming an IWCB Partner, free of charge and without risk, can contact:

– Davide Casalin, Email: [email protected], WhatsApp: +39 339 718 2741

– Juehan Wu, Email: [email protected], WhatsApp +39 366 259 0393

– Samuele Viola, Email: [email protected], WhatsApp +39 347 748 2305